At home Dog DNA Test Kits are becoming very popular with pet owners across the United States, Australia and England. These kits are relatively inexpensive, easy to order online and easy for the average dog owner to administer at home and send the sample in. There are several kits available to purchase online but the top three (3) are Embark, DNA My Dog and Wisdom Panel. These kits have become so popular in the USA, that Banfield Pet Hospitals with close to 1,000 locations now offer Wisdom Panel DNA Testing with their Dog and Puppy Health Plans.

These at home Dog DNA Test Kits are not solely for Breed Identification anymore. In fact, these 3 companies also offer at home DNA Kits that also include Health Screening. Sounds great right? Well, there is a problem with these kits. They are too new with not enough Dog DNA sampling to give information that is worth acting on according to several Veterinarians. Not to mention Genetic Drift that happens when DNA randomly fluctuates with variations over time.

Thought-out our website we are going to explore the benefits of Dog DNA Test Kits while also explaining the inaccuracy’s when it comes to your dogs results in breed identification and more importantly¬†making medical decisions based on genetic health screening results you may receive.


Basics of Dog Genetics

Dog DNA Test