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Mike Decker is a professional dog breeder who has successfully followed all federal and state regulations and inspections, but more importantly Mike Decker is always continuing education in dog genetics. As a Professional Breeder, Mike Decker must know the importance of genetics in dogs. Genetics will ultimately affect the entire breeding project if done wrong. Breeding Dogs and raising Puppies is not as easy as just having a male and female dog. Breeding the wrong two dogs together could have a devastating impact on the puppies. It could affect Mike Decker’s entire bloodline if a puppy from that litter is held back to be bred with other dogs in the kennel.

An example of breeding bad genetics would be breeding two Merl Australian Shepherds together. Breeding Merl to Merl (Double Merl) effects the genetics in those puppies in a negative way.

There is many ways to identify what genes a specific dog carries. For example, DNA testing with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  is a great way to know what genes your dog has and may potentially pass down. At home DNA swab kits will also include some Genetic markers that will be useful to a Breeder such as Mike Decker. Lastly, you can always look at the dog and have an idea of what genetics that dog has based on appearance. Every dog color and even nose color has a specific gene code.

Even if you know about the Genes your dog specifically carriers, there are situations where genes will mutate. There are several different examples that we have outlines below.


Mutation are the spontaneous changes to DNA that changes the content of a genetic barcode over time. A mutation can be passed on to offspring puppies when a mutation occurs in the germ-line, the sperm or eggs. The offspring puppies then may pass that mutation on to their offspring. So, break this down further, dog breeders will hold back puppies to continue their genetic line for breeding purposes. These hold backs will replace another dog in the breeding line to keep that line going.

However even with a breeder breeding their own lines, Mutations will occur and can cause Breed Identification Tests to show different results if there was a Mutation. If a breeder has a litter of 5 puppies and does 5 tests, one puppy might have a Mutation which will cause different results for that one puppy compared to his or her brother and sister’s results.


Recombination is the shuffling of DNA content between the two copies of a chromosome. This process can cause change in the content of DNA barcodes passed to offspring puppies. This is a wild card and can show different DNA test results in the same litter of purebred puppies.

Genetic Drift

Genetic Drift is the random fluctuation in the frequencies of genetic variation over time. To break this down if “Breeder 1” Breeds Bull Terriers and sells a Male Bull Terrier to “Breeder 2” and another Bull Terrier to “Breeder 3”. Then “Breeder 2” and “Breeder 3” breeds those dogs to their Bull Terriers and continues those lines you will see a Genetic Drift when DNA Testing “Breeder 2” and “Breeder 3” dogs.


Selection is probably one of the most well-known evolutionary process. Ever hear of National Selection? Selection is due to the effect of a genetic variant on the ability of an individual dog in a population to survive and reproduce. Simply put breeders breeding Bull Terriers in different parts of the world will see a different in DNA barcodes because of Selection that will happen naturally in their dogs.

Combination of these

It is also possible that two or more of these genetic changes can happen to one breeder. Selection and Genetic drift can combine and create new barcode markers in a purebred dog making the DNA test results appear to be lightly or even heavily mixed.



As you can see being a professional breeder isn’t just about meeting Federal and State Guidelines. It has more to do with producing happy and healthy puppies by under standing what those puppies will be like if this Sire and Dam breed. Genetics will reflect in the personality, coat color, nose color, overall health and life expectancy. Mike Decker knows this and continues to strive for producing happy and healthy puppies that will be someone’s life long best friend and family member.

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